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Heat records, wildfires, drought, loss of biodiversity, and extreme weather seem to be everywhere. Especially this year, it feels worse than ever. Whether it's our media bubble or not, it's clear to us that we're heading towards something that will severely impact future generations. At the same time, we live in an incredibly interesting period. The transition to a more sustainable, social, and inclusive society is happening. EU guidelines are being transformed into legislation, sometimes smoothly, sometimes with challenges. Consumer awareness is growing, and sustainability is increasingly influencing their choices. Companies are taking steps to implement #esg policies and #csrd reporting. What excites us the most is the innovation. Companies and people working together, finding solutions to create a better world.

Companies that are actively transforming towards a more social, environmental friendly and more inclusive business are creating value for the future. They will be the winners. Those companies, those teams, we want to support @ Stripe Blue


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