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Stationsplein 150
6811 KS Arnhem


Clean traffic with zero emission and efficient use of energy.

That’s the goal of SimplyHy.
To realize a world without the emission of dangerous particulates
and climate changing gases.
Just by using water and renewable energy.

SimplyHy aims to realize a cleaner world by using hydrogen in energy management and by building a network for many local storage and distribution points. Hydrogen is a perfect medium to store and distribute energy locally and to get a more efficient energy usage. It will be produced on site by splitting water with the overcapacity of sun and wind-generated electricity, then stored and distributed for use in fuel cells. An in Germany developed and approved technique, completed by a new dynamic electrolyzer working on demand. Hydrogen in reaction with oxygen will regenerate electric energy and water.
Water to water – a perfectly sustainable energy circle, enabling us to reduce our carbon footprint and to get a cleaner world for our children.


Met zo min mogelijk gebruik van ressources de meest optimale oplossingen kiezen. Uiteindelijk een cirkel van water tot water creëren met betrekking tot mobiliteit. In samenwerking met betrouwbare fabrikanten en beproefde technologie.

Aantal medewerkers: 1 - 25
Oprichtingsjaar: 2012